Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Pictures

Here's some more from Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I have always loved memorial day. All the flags and flowers are beautiful. This memorial day we spent with Jodi. We took flowers to Grandma in the morning and then went on to This Is The Place memorial park and played with the baby animals. It was fun! The villiage had a blacksmith and a barber, and we bought candy at the general store and took a ride on the train. After that we went home and had a bbq with our neighboors. All in all a great day. Here's some pictures

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Swap!

So, having been the host of many a card swap I came up with an idea today! Pictures! I don't have any recent family/friend pictures! If your reading this out there in cyber world I don't want anything fancy, I know some are pregnant, some don't feel so hot. I love you however you are! I'm not feeling that hot -- But i'll still do it! So here's the deal. Go out and take a picture with your regular camera, of you and your family. You can have bed head, or just be swinging from a tree. i don't need professional! i want Fun!!! you can e-mail me the pictures at or snail mail them (reply for an address) If you want me to forward you pictures of other family members that may love me enough to send me one reply to this post (hit the comment button) and let me know! You can also let me know if by no means is your picture to be forwarded to any family memeber!! Friends too!! For everyone I recieve we'll send one to you, that's right. Blackmail! I get what I want, you get what you've always wanted! (riiiggghhhttt....) Have fun doing it! Get creative! Watermelon eating pictures, upside down pictures, pirate pictures, the sky's the limit! Love ya!


Monday, May 4, 2009


So, again, our summer fun treat for the kids was a zoo pass. They LOVE the zoo! And for the price it's a cheap summer! Since were down that direction for family anyway we just add a few hours onto our trips for the zoo. Here are some pictures of the kids and the 'animals'.....;) Our favorite thing to do is pack a lunch and go eat it where the birds are, then feed the ducks and ride the carosel, we see the animals we want too then play on the playground. then the kids sleep on the way home!

Yeah Dad 09 Grad

Yeah Mark! Here's the pictures of Graduation. The CMT students had hard hats instead of caps for graduation. the kids were so very excited! I am so proud! He's worked so hard for this!