Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, here's the skinny...Haley is her regular bouncing off the walls self today...Thank goodness? I think? Daddy's Doc say's he has Bursitis in his shoulder caused by an injury. I've posted a picture at the bottom to illustrate what's happening. The little bone above the bursa sack in his shoulder is resting on his arm bone, it's not supposed to touch. They gave him a cortisone shot in the bursa sack with 3 vials worth....OUCH! It's swollen and he has a hard time moving his arm. But it should make him feel better, if it doesn't by the middle of January then he get's an MRI to see if something else is causing the inflammation besides the bursitis. Yeah..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Poor Poor Haley

So, yesterday at church I lost it. Sad. But true! We'd been up late the night before, the kids were cranky, I was cranky, Dad was in pain and Cranky!! Haley was unusually cranky....I managed to ground the children to naps when we got home. So, home we were, haley was in her room whining about being in there, she wasn't tired, her clothes were itchy, she had to go to the bathroom 5 times! Then she looked at me and very quietly said ..... mom? I look over at her head peaking around the door frame... She's as white as a sheet! Are you okay? NO! She runs to the bathroom and throws up....here we go! For the next 5 hours she threw up every 10 minutes and had to go BM in between every one. Her father was ready to call an exorcist, I was ready to take her to the doctor. She kept begging for water, but every drop I put down her was up in 5 minutes. Poor poor haley! We finally got her to sleep. Dreading the next day we also went to sleep. 6am. I am in my pajamas and slippers in Smiths looking for pedialite to hydrate my poor daughter. 6am? Well, I couldn't very well taker her with me and her dad had to leave at 7 for a doctors appointment. As soon as I walk in the door, there's haley....talking a million miles a minuet begging for something to drink. I still only gav her a few ounces of pedialite at a time....but so far she's perky and demanding...just like always. I think I need to go lie down....Daddy is going to see the shoulder surgeon today...I'll let you know what they say..ER

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pictures of Shawn\

Check Out My Mad Skills!

So, I needed a warm bunting for Shawn for the stroller as I have a crazy love of walking outside in the winter.  Anyhoo....to make a long story short after 2 months of searching I was not willing to pay upside of 50 bucks for one.  So I took my hubby to the fabric store while waiting for a play we were early to in Centerville.  He picked out the polkadots!  Good job hun!  Anyway, I couldn't find a pattern to save my life so I got creative.  The outside fabric was prequilted and double layered, there is a layer of batting in the middle, and then the ultrafuzzy microflece on the inside.  My poor little hobby Pfaff couldn't take the pressure and I broke 2 needles, but all in all it turned out great!  I wanted the zipper up the middle for easy access!  I made it big enough he can use it again next year, and stuff an extra blanket in there for near zero temperatures.  What do ya think?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

LeeLou Swag!

I LOVE this website!  She has the greatest products and Ideas!  She's giving away a whippy cake rag doll with a hand made dress that is adorable!  You want to see!  Click the button on my sidebar at the bottom to get to her website!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poor Dad!

My Poor Dad, Scott(Erin's Dad)!  He fell off a roof at work yesterday!  Fortunately he was wearing a hip harness...Unfortunately....well...you get the picture.  This pictures for you dad (this was someones Christmas decoration...after 2 days the police made him take it down...after a 75 year old women tried to "rescue" the dummy hanging off the roof)