Thursday, December 11, 2008

Of Mice and Women

Today, while trying to ready my yard for the new driveway and stairs, I stepped into the shed to get a shovel. It was still dawn and the shed was dark, and very full. I took two steps in and SQUEAK! I jumped out of the shed and slammed the door. While panting and pondering how mice eat people, I decided to stop being a coward and open the door again. I pressed my ear to the door to listen. Nothing. Good, I thought, he's gone. I've scared him away. So I throw open the door and take a step in SQUEAK! This time I froze. I took another step, franticly scanning the ground around me. SQUEAK! Now, realization hits me across the face, and I start laughing. My shoes have air pockets in them and I must have sprung a leak! Everytime I stepped with my right foot I squeak. (this is the part I peer out of the shed, bright red, to make sure the neighboors didn't see me). I also had an epifany today. I came to the realization that I am more like my grandfather then I will admitt. It hit me like a ton of bricks while I was digging up my sprinkler system at 9:30am in 22 degree weather with the ground frozen. Mark had told me the night before that the construction crew would do it if I asked. But here I stood, digging up the sprinklers because I was determined they couldn't do it right. Back of the bus. I had always wondered why grandpa wouldn't accept help at times. Now I live it. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A bit of this, A bit of that...

What a month....well, we're finally getting our driveway in, probably. They're coming tomorrow to dig out the "bad" dirt and replace it with "Good dirt" and rock. I wonder what makes dirt bad. Anyway, this is good news! I also found out my sister-in-law is pregnant! Yeah! i'm an aunt! Again! I hope it's okay to spill the beans! Names will be withheld to protect the innocent...babies...boy, I'm really not making any sense! Haley insists on "playing" with Shawn, I'm not sure why she thinks he likes to be "patted" so hard he cries, or pointing flashlights in his face and blowing up his nose is funny. I'm thinking she's a little jealous. Mark's teacher called me today to say he had a particularly hard day and his "listening to instructions" issue is getting worse. I really am having a hard time with this issue and welcome advice. I've given him some "practice" situations at home so he knows when it's appropriate to play, and when it's not. Shawn has decided that he doesn't want to lay down by himself, this is eternally frusterating. I'm hoping it's not because he's cutting teeth.....cross your fingers. Marky got teeth this early, it really was a painful time in my life....:( Well, that should get you up on all the "going's on" everyday in our home....cross your fingers we get a white christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I know....

There are some things I know....

1. I will always have incredibly chubby babies.
2. My children will always be loud (I wonder why).
3. Haley was born to push buttons (all kinds!)
4. Marky understands more than I do.
5. My husband will always sup rise me.
6. I will never be able to lose weight while nursing.
7. I am not politically correct, and the harder I try the worse it gets.
8. My comfort is my husbands chaos
9. If given the choice between chocolate and water on a deserted island, I'll choose chocolate, I may as well die indulging myself.
10. I am a mother, at all times, especially when I catch myself "rocking" my baby that I just left with the sitter while standing in line somewhere.
11. I'll never feel completely comfortable going out without my kids. I always feel as though I've lost something.
12. I should never make lists, in the end they don't make sense.