Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oscarson Weekly (we hope) First Edition!

Here is the first edition of our newsletter.

Announcing Crazy Hat Day!
-by Marky Oscarson

It's crazy hat day tomorrow! Find a crazy or silly hat. Look far and low, look high and slow! Today is also a build-a-thon! Build anything out of anything! It is taking place down stairs at 3:44 pm. Take anything you can build with.

Haley's Crazy Hat

For crazy hat day I would like to wear a hat to school that is purple with a bow on the top! And a flower on the top!

Shawn's crazy corner

I like garbage trucks, and robots. But mostly robots. Yeah. marshmallows....

Family Highlights

Yes, the kids are excited for crazy hat day tomorrow, no doubt our afternoon will be spent making hats! Marky has the soccer drafts today, I don't know what that makes me nervous, I don't like a draft system when he is so young. Dad is working hard, it's the beginning of the busy season and he's hired 2 guys that he needs to train on top of that. But I know he'll do great, he always does. I'm in the process of planning my garden. My ideas are grandiose, but I know my energy will not be so I'm going to try and scale it back a bit. I'm going to be planting flowers along side my vegetables to deter the bugs, marigolds especially. It worked beautifully 2 years ago, and was pretty to boot! Well, I know this was a sad first edition of our newsletter, but hopefully we can get better with time!

love ya,


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Oscarson Weekly...or Monthly?

So Family and Friends,

In an effort to get my kids to write more stories, and to communicate more with our far away family I have decided to come up with a newsletter! (What a great Idea, right?!) If I can only keep up with it!!! So, It will be the Oscarson Weekly! (or Monthly, depending on how the ball rolls) The first edition will be tonight, after Family Home Evening. I'm going to try to have the kids write their 'articles' on whatever they feel they need to express in a family journal, and include it in our newsletter. I'm hoping this will be a fun way to express their feelings.

If you have any great ideas....let me know! Until then, here's some family news!

Lately we've had some problems with Bullies at school. I'm hoping that by writing what happened that week they can work out some of these issues. Haley's come home several times with stories of some of the kids making fun of her for small things. I've talked to her Teacher, she say's that Haley is nice to everyone, and a good friend. Haley tells me that one of her 'friends' told her she looked fat in her winter coat, and now she doesn't want to wear it. Or that she can't play with someone or another because they have to many friends. We've talked about bullies, and how important it is to surround yourself with good friends, who always make you feel good about yourself. And the importance of looking for friends in children that are left out. I'm seeing it wear off on the other kids, she'll do something deliberate to make someone else feel bad. Kids are so hard! Trying to explaine how this is the same as what's happening to her sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a cloud, that she doesn't retain it all. I sincerely hope our talkes are rubbing off on her! She's such a smart, fun, happy girl. I'd hate to see her self esteem plumet, or her become a bully, because of a few kids who say the wrong things! Mom, I could use some advice on this one!

Marky won't stop reading. I've had to banish books from the table, and until all our chores/piano is finished and our rooms are clean. Fortunatly I was blessed with hardworking kids who gladly do their chores most of the time without complaint. Haley get's to pick up and vaccume the livingroom and Marky get's the trash and the bathroom, "the dirty jobs" as he calls it. They both help set/clear the table and shawn helps with the dishes and cleans his room. Awesome kids!

Shawn is so excited for the baby he can't stop telling people I have a 'baby in my tummy'. Even asking how the baby eats, and how I change the baby if it's in my tummy. He is adorable!

Well, this is enough rambling! Look for our first edition family newsletter tomorrow! (hopefully!)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy, yet hard....

This has been a very hard post for me to write. Not because I'm not happy, but because this has been a frightening journey. Let me just come out and say it, I'm pregnant! Yeah! Yikes! This should be a very happy moment, but we've suffered 4 miscarriages in the past year and a half and I almost feel that when I tell someone I'm jinxing myself.

I was hoping to upload pictures for you, but yet again, I am ready to throw this computer out the lieu of this i've decided to figure it out later....

Back in December, when we decided to try again, I made the decision that whether we lost, or kept this baby this is the last time I could handle this. When I found out I was pregnant in January, Mark gave me a wonderful blessing that told me to have Faith that the Lord knew what was happening, and His hand is in everything. So, I am choosing not to believe in Jinxes. I am trying to be very excited about all this, and not think about the what if's.

I'm officially 14 weeks this week. I haven't made it this far before. This is supposed to be "over the hump" but as we have no idea why I had a sudden problem having babies, after 3 healthy ones, I don't feel very over the hump!

Anyway, for better or for worse, we are going to be excited! So, to anwer my families questions, No, I have not been sick. Yes, I have been very tired, yes I have headaches every morning, and yes, I can't eat certian foods. sometimes I wish I was violently ill, at least I would know everything is alright! The hardest part has been the hormones, I have been very touchy, and a little cranky, or a lot depending on what time it is, and how much sleep I've gotten! ;) So far for the past 2 months I've managed to avoid my family so it hasn't been very hard to keep secret! I love you all, I'm not avoiding you because I don't love you, I avoided you because I have a hard time keeping a "why I'm getting fat" secret! ;) I am due the first week in september, but will most likley be induced a week early as I have giant fat babies, and we had to with shawn for fear he'd be as huge as Haley! Still, induced a week early he was nearly 9 pounds!

Anyway, thank you for letting me blast you with an e-mailed blog about this, after telling my family and a few friends I have missed a few and hope that no one is upset, I do have, after all "pregnancy brain!". Please be patient for me for the next 7 months!