Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Holy night...sort of.

Okay, so I was driving home from preschool drop off today and heard on holy night on the radio.  I had been thinking about our laundry problem (I haven't done any for 3 days!  Yikes!)  And came up with a fun song.  Haley likes it!
Sing to Oh Holy Night melody:

Oh Holy Cow!
The Laundry’s Piled Up SKY HIGH~
What happened? How did this get out of control?
Long is today, while we wash and dry and fold it.
We will be here, ‘til the su-n leaves the earth.
The thrill of hope, when we find a matching sock pair
The liquid soap … it's cascading down the side.
Fall ….on your knees.
To find….the lost quarter!
Oh There… a dollar!  
 Oh yeah….oh happy day!
Oh the Laundry is done!!!!  Oh, oh oh no, I missed a load.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Our very good friend John Chapman is in a medically induced coma fighting for his life after the H1N1 flu complications.  We are praying for his recovery that is very two steps forward, one step back.  John has been a great friend to our family in Seaside, I grew up with him around all the time.  I can't imagine life in Seaside without him.  Please remember this family in your prayers, his wife Karen and his 5 children are an amazing family.  I will post his blog link on the sidebar in the "Blogging Buddies" section so you can monitor his progress or make a donation if you can.  His family has no insurance and he's going on week 3 in the ICU.  A lot of you reading this will know and love him as well.  Keep fighting John! 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet Assurances

This weekend was marvelous.  Amazing, Beautiful, the answer to prayers.  Wow, that's a lot for 2 days to live up to.  I must put in a plug.  If you have the opportunity to attend Time Out for Women in 2010 (tickets go on sale soon) then GO!  My Grandmother and aunts try to attend every year together and make a weekend of it.  This year they came to Salt Lake City, we rented a hotel room and had a blast.  That was great, but not what I mean by life altering wonderful.  Friday night Sister Nelson (Russel M. Nelsons wife) spoke to us, followed by Sheri Dew.  They had such strong messages about being women, mothers and sisters today, in the final leg of the race.  The theme was What do you Know....despite everything else, what do you know...what sweet assurance do you have that the Lord loves you.  The talks touched my heart, and gave many answers to prayers I have repeated over and over for months.  Saturday Sister Dew spoke again, Hillary Weeks played beautiful music, and Michael Wilcox gave us examples from the scriptures that I had never before pondered.  Sister Belcher, blind from cancer recently, gave us a heartwarming assurance that no matter what we'll be okay if we walk with the Lord.  Mary Ellen Edmunds talked about our Life Assurance Policy, it was hillarious and touching.  The weekend had me laughing, crying, and relaxed.  It gave me answers I was seeking, and a reaffirmation the Lord loves me through the sweet whispering of the spirit that sometimes get's lost in the hustle and bustle of 3 children.  Again, I know this is a plug, but GO!  It was just what I needed, as well as the 3300 other women there that day.  Love ya!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, for the past few nights Shawn has woken up in the middle of the night crying, and soaking wet and cold.  Poor kid, so I change him, and the whole bed, but we only own 2 pairs of PJ's (the carts footie jamies-warm!) so I've been putting him in sweats and a shirt.  At 6am he wakes up, I walk in the room and he immedietly throws the blanket over his head.  I look at my 14 month old completly naked!  Fortunatly there is no number 2 anywhere to be found.  That would have been too much.  Not that it hasn't been too much already!  So, needless to say, we're off to buy more footie jamies today!  I don't mind the nature baby, it's the looming doom of a crib full of....yuck...anyway....onto much happier moments.  Haley is turning 5 on the 10th, this is surreal for me for some reason.  Mark turned 7 in September and I almost keeled over!  She wants a princess party, I told her she can only have 2 friends (she wants to take them to a movie for her birthday, and that's all that will fit in my car!)  She also informed me that she wants to change her middle name to Ginger....why?.....we'll never know.   Well, we're off to run in the graveyard, very quiet there...perfect opening to a  grand day!