Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, Marks Brain MRI came back normal (do we really believe his brain is normal? I was kind of hoping he was odd like me!) , now we focus on his neck and try to stop that pain. He's in the doctor this morning, they will see if they can give him an injection, or if he is too bad and needs surgery. So, I was reading his shoulder MRI report. Have you ever read medical records? They are quite interesting! For example, on Mark's history report it reads: "Upper extremity pain. Left arm pain. Concern for internal derangement." Derangement? Well, we all knew he couldn't be perfect! It also states: "There is normal muscle mass..." Sorry Mark, despite your belief you are not superman. Have a happy day, find the little things that make you laugh!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddy Mark

News...we went to the doc today for Mark. His MRI shows a bulging disc in his neck. That's the source of his pain. They are sending him to a spine specialist that will give him an injection in the disc and hopefully help the pain. If not, then he get's neurosurgery. That should be inexpensive! But necessary. He goes in for another MRI tomorrow that will rule out MS for his arm tremors. We're pretty sure it's associated with the disc, but we need to be positive since he also has eye fatigue and pain in his face. Pray for him. He's in a lot of pain, but okay considering. Love you all!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three Blurry Amigos!

The kids were getting ready for school and Haley turned on her Chicken Little CD (Her favorite!) and they danced around the living room. Shawn really got into it. They loved how the computer made them blurry if they moved fast!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tea anyone?

Okay, I came to the realization the other day that Haley is Darn cute! She recieved a play kitchen for Christmas and is loving it. She cooks for all of us. (So does shawn! ) Yesterday she had a Tea Party with her little friend Zoe.

Aren't they cute! Dressed up in their "Tea outfits" they even put the toaster on the table with wooden toast so they could have toast with their tea!

Alright, she is adorable! We put soup in their little bowls and they used goblets to drink their lemon aid. It was a lot of fun! These are the days I hope to remember when she's screaming at me for not liking her boyfriend.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school....again...

January 4th

Dear Blog,

I started back to school today. yeah. Oh, excuse! There, that was more exciting! Well, I took on more then I can chew, but it's only for 90 days, right?! So, here's my motivational speech to myself: YOU CAN DO IT!! I'll have my associates in May....Then when the kids all go off to school, I'll come back and get my Biology Composite Teaching degree, and teach! Maybe by then they'll pay teachers more! Anywhoo, I am more excited to get back into my routine, and send Haley and Mark off to school, they need the structured learning environment! (and I need an afternoon cool down!) Well, we're off to a good start for the year, let's make it better then the last!

P.S. Stay Tuned for more first of the year flabber jabber!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Year!! We had a great time...our neighbors came over along with some family and we played games and ate until we were overstuffed!! It was a lot of fun. There were only 3 of us left by midnight...we're getting to be light weights in our old age!! We toasted and kissed in the New Year ;) We got up this morning with the kids and went sledding. I decided I need a camera, mine is broken. I got it all on my cell phone, but need to figure out how to download it!

This past year has been interesting, hard at times, and a bit disappointing. But overall we are a wonderful eternal family and we are all together and relatively healthy. What a blessing! I believe if there is ever a time in this countries history that we as a people need to resolve to be's this year. We can change the future, and the outcome of the decisions made in the past if we stand together and resolve to be better, kinder, and humbler. So, this year we decided that we will resolve to be better, to do service without being noticed, and learn new talents. So my talent this year will be sewing...practical and fun! I'd like to start sewing for hospital charities. They are in constant need of newborn and preemie clothing as well as stillborn burial gowns. The patterns are relatively easy. Little Mark wants to be more patient and attentive in class. Haley wants to be good. Daddy wants to dive into the gospel and learn more. What's your resolution this year? Leave a comment and let me know!