Sunday, October 26, 2008

Haley and Mark on life in general.

Halloween Madness!!

I am working on the pictures I promise!!! In the meantime, Halloween is madness!! I get to volunteer for both kids school parties, as well as my normal volunteer day for Mark's class!! I didn't realize the craziness that came with older kids! We have our family party tomorrow at the Barn, it should be a blast, the kids always get excited when I tell them it's at Stacy's, they love the barn, the animals and the kids and craziness that always accompanies that many people in one room! I'm going to try and attach a video of Shawn rolling over for you. Let's see how well I do! I'm excited for November. Things tend to wind down for the thanksgiving and Christmas season. I know what your thinking "What does she mean wind down!" Well, this is my thought, if you enjoy it, then it's not a bother. I enjoy the fall/winter season between Halloween and Christmas so it's not a bother. Mark and Haley are doing great in school, they love it. Shawn is getting bigger and seems to eat more all the time (reason why he's getting bigger!) He has rolls on every part of his body, sometimes more then one. All except his stomach. There he is just solid (solid food!). His hair is growing too! Soon I'll have to start braiding it or give him a trim! Maybe we'll do the "in style" and let it grow over his eyes. I don't know how these teenage boys can see!!! Most kids I see have their hair to their eyelashes! Anyway, I'm rambling. It's late. Love ya!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Blog!

Okay, I know, change is hard! I have a new blog because to use more space with pictures on the other blog would cost money! Money I'm not willing to give up if there's a free alternative!!! Don't worry, I've pulled my posts off the other blog and saved them on the computer for archiving. You should be able to log on with your gmail account to post comments, or you can post as anonymous and when you write the post just sign your name on what you write. Let me know if you need help!! As I said before, I'm working on pictures, they'll be slow going until we get a digital camera again. I'm using my film and developing them onto disks. Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom from time to time, I'll post polls there! Love you all!!