Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I know....

There are some things I know....

1. I will always have incredibly chubby babies.
2. My children will always be loud (I wonder why).
3. Haley was born to push buttons (all kinds!)
4. Marky understands more than I do.
5. My husband will always sup rise me.
6. I will never be able to lose weight while nursing.
7. I am not politically correct, and the harder I try the worse it gets.
8. My comfort is my husbands chaos
9. If given the choice between chocolate and water on a deserted island, I'll choose chocolate, I may as well die indulging myself.
10. I am a mother, at all times, especially when I catch myself "rocking" my baby that I just left with the sitter while standing in line somewhere.
11. I'll never feel completely comfortable going out without my kids. I always feel as though I've lost something.
12. I should never make lists, in the end they don't make sense.