Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines and letters

Haley came home from preschool with a huge grin. I asked her what she did and she replied, "We decorated paper with hearts and guess what! Everybody put candy in my pouch!" I asked if she gave out her valentines, she said, yeah, but now there all gone! I explained what we do on valentines, and she screamed "I LOVE IT!" Anything to do with pink, hearts and candy is right up her alley. She's doing better in school, because she's a lefty we're having the hardest time trying to get her to write, she's awkward with it, because her only examples are me and her teacher who both are right handed and write straight up and down not sideways like most lefty's. I'm going to be working with her all summer, we'll see how she does. Little mark is picking up his words, it's painful though. He get's frustrated because he doesn't know them just by looking at them. i explained that even mommy had to learn by sounding out the words. Some days he dives right in, others he's in tears by the end of one sentence. I'm assured by his teacher that this is normal, he's reading better then most in the class, and it'll all click one day and he'll take off. Meanwhile his math skills are fantastic, and he loves it! That's my boy! Daddy is in Reno all week for a school competition, he comes back late tonight in the snow storm that just hit us hard, pray for him!


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