Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, Mark suffered through his huge test. We won't find out if he passed until MAY! (After Graduation...??!!) Anyway, 2 more tests to go and one Senior Project presentation. I am almost done with my classes, and think I will skip the summer semester and go again in the fall. Shawn is 20 pounds! He's crawling up on his hands and knees and pulling up on things, yes I know he's only 7 months! It scares me! He seems to find the one tiny piece of garbage on the floor and has mastered pulling the grill off the bottom of the refrigerator. I must admit he is the happiest and smiliest (is that a word?) of our 3 kids! Mark is doing better at school with being quiet. He has 3 little girlfriends that keep sending him love letters! Yikes! Haley is SUCH a girl, loves wearing dresses and necklases. I've gotten the garden pretty much ready to plant and the plants started in the window in the kitchen. I'll begin to harden them in a week or two, and then we should have Lots of tomatoes, zuccini, squash, pumpkins, and salad. There's the family update! I'll write again after finals!


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