Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May in a nutshell

We got our garden planted. What a huge deal! I babied those plants in my kitchen for a month before we planted them! Now my babies are safe in the ground surrounded by slug and bug bait so they won't be eaten! I already have 6 or 7 tomatoes 4 or 5 peppers and a bunch of zucchini! (I planted quite a few plants! I'm thinking of renting a farmers market stall this summer on Saturdays)
We also finally put back up our chain link fence around our new driveway! Yeah! Mark, the superdad, brought home a truckload of sand for the sandbox and we filled it. It's now the hang out spot for the neighborhood kids. We have the front yard about half way re-landscaped after it was demolished by the crew doing our driveway. Boy, I tell ya. That roller COMPACTED the ground! I had a hard time even getting a shovel to penetrate the surface. But, it's almost ready for the tons of Bark we'll dump in there. I actually planted my rosemary, lavender, and Japanese eggplant in the front yard. They were too pretty to hide in the back! My clematis is in full bloom and I think I enjoy spening more time outside then in.
Shawn, Haley and Mark spend life outside with me. Shawn loves to crawl around the swingset and swing. He also has aquired a taste for dirt clods, I'm trying to divert his attention to looking at things, rather then tasting them! He suprised us this weekend by trying to stand up by himself! What a smart boy!
Haley and Mark have made friends with the new family that moved in next door and love to play with the kids all day long. Marky rode his bike without the training wheels for the first time this past weekend! (We bribed him) It was a big deal! He has been afraid of it for the longest time. So after a long weekend of yard work, and his showing off on a bike we took off to see UP the new movie in theaters. It was Fabulous!! We loved it! And that was May in a nutshell! Sorry it was so wordy, that's the way I usually am.... I promise more pictures soon!


  1. I'd love to see pictures of your yard and garden.

  2. Please send me an other invite to see blog
    Love Gr-ma Roundy