Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Squishin' the Squash Bug's

So, I came back from a long trip to Oregon to see my family. It was great! I'll post some pictures later. I got to see all my brothers and sisters, some I havent' seen in over a year! And we spent a week on a kitchen improvement project for my mom while she was at Girls' camp. She had no idea and broke into tears when she came back. I think I have a picture of that too! Priceless! Anyway, I came home to 3 ravaged zuccini plants and 2 relatively healthy ones. To my horror they have squash bugs, anyone who'se had them knows the best way to get rid of them is to squish them! they don't respond to pesticide. So, I told little mark I'd pay him a nickle for every bug he squished. I'm already up to 5.00! I'm going to be broke soon! I've been removing the eggs as well, hopefully they'll leave my butternut alone. We'll have to take care that they don't winter over in the soil! I know I know I promised pictures, but unfortunatly my camera broke the last day we were in Oregon. So, maybe I'll take the laptop out and get the webcam to take a video for you!

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