Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How exciting!

Okay, so exciting isn't a word I'd use...maybe crazy, horrendous, nuts, ..........(insert strong word here) day! I love my children! here's the past couple of weeks in a nut shell...

Last week...

Camping in the canyon, lots of fun! HOT! Hotter!!! Shawn managed to bang his head good twice, Haley fell in the fire again! This time she didn't burn her hand, just cut the knuckle open! Little Marky got one bug bite that managed to swell up enormous on his arm! (Good thing I always bring benadryl!) Believe it or not we loved it! We're doing it again in july! Though we can't take Jodi and her truck with us next time(she got a job!), stinks owning only one car! We'll figure it out!

Yesterday....aaahhhhh....went to the zoo... 97 degrees later we were home, Shawn was toast so I put him to sleep. Cleaned for a while, and heard him crying. I opened the door to a massacre, not of Shawn, but of my sanity! Here was my little precious boy covered in red, the carpet, covered in red, the bed covered in red, the toys, covered in red. Somehow he got a hold of a bottle of FINGERNAIL POLISH!!!! Needless to say I panicked! I picked him up and put him in the empty tub for containment. Then I went to work, screaming for Jodi to help....ordering marky to find tools. Stripping Shawn down we threw his clothes away, a total loss. Then stripped the sheets, a total loss. Tossed the toys that we're coated, a total loss, but believe it or not a bottle of fingernail polish remover and carpet cleaner later, along with a pair of scissors, I saved the carpet! We have a newer shaggy carpet, most drips stayed on the tops of the fibers, so I cut them off. The one deep soaked spot I poured acetone on, and scrubbed, that only seemed to make it worse, so I soaked it in carpet cleaner and scrubbed, and scrubbed, and washed, and scrubbed. and it worked! Good thing the carpet is dark! Meanwhile Jodi is laughing hysterically at shawn in the bath tub. He's completely high of the fumes from the polish! Laughing and giggling and falling over, just a little punch drunk! He was hysterical. And I was hysterical and the situation was nuts, and I'm glad it's tomorrow!

Love ya


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