Friday, July 16, 2010

Camping pictures!

I know, it's been a while, I promised a LONG time ago I'd upload the pictures. But in my defense I have an older digital camera that's temperamental. I finally convinced it to download, I threatened it with a replacement of a newer, more convenient model. That seemed to do the trick.

These are our camping pictures from Weber Memorial Campground. It was a blast! Hot, but a blast! We we're there Wednesday through Saturday and Mark came up Friday afternoon and spent the night. The lake is Pineview and the river was right alongside our campground. The only folly of the campground was the gofers, prairie dogs or whatever their called. Marky called them ground hogs. There's one picture of them. They we're EVERYWHERE and brave, very brave. We also killed 2 snakes. I don't know if they we're poisonous or not, but I wasn't about to find out!


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  1. How cute! I cant believe you killed two snakes, wasn't pineview where we went when we were kids and there were all those dead fish???