Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zen, and the art of Gardening.

It's sunny, breezy, and the house is empty. Most likely you'll find us all outside, me up to my elbows in dirt, and the kids happily running around with a herd of neighborhood children. Don't read into it, I love being up to my elbows in the dirt. There's something very satisfying in sustaining life in a plant. This is my Zen. So today I thought I might share my garden with you, and a few things I love.
1. The more time you spend in your garden, the smaller your waist line is! It's like magic!

2. Garden Gnomes are really cute.
3. I don't have time, you say...well... My kids usually stay outside with me, so my house doesn't require as much maintenance!

4. Color, beautiful color, is enough to raise anyones happiness levels!

5. Up to my elbows in dirt I realize that good food doesn't need hours to prepare, it just needs a gentle hand to pull it and rinse it off. A sun ripened tomato right off the vine, a radish pulled up out of the earth, green beans, strawberries. Oh, sorry, I drooled.

6. The laughter of children is music to my soul, screaming isn't as loud outside as it is inside!

7. Being worn out, tired, and dirty at the end of the day, is greatly satisfying.

8. I love to be outside because if the wind blows just right my chimes sing, "Come, Come ye Saints."

9. Because I find myself talking to the Lord more on my knees in the dirt. And I find more answers pulling weeds.

Hope your day is full, and your garden bright.


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  1. In the pic of Mark holding Shawn he looks just like Mark did when he was little:)