Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Happenings

So here is mark's first day of school picture, Haley was very proud of him!

Here is our completed living room, and Haley watching cartoons..The floors look like laminate but are vinyle, much more durable. Overall we love it!

This is where it all began, the bathroom...yikes!

This is the kitchen they had to take up 2 layers of subfloor here where the water had made it soft..yuck!

Here is the hallway, they took up most of the wood in the hall, the water had soaked the underside and made it buckle...I wish I had a picture of the celing falling in downstairs.

September went by fast, and it was VERY busy! Our house went from being destroyed in the flood to repaired, almost....Marky had his first day of the first grade and turned 7! Shawn turned 1 and is too smart for me....

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  1. Yikes! That is quite the obligatory overhaul. You know it would probably be wise to build houses with floor drains in each room where there is water. You never know what could happen. My kids ended up throwing BUCKETS of water out the tub and the water poured into the kitchen. And I kept thinking, if there was a drain in there this wouldn't have happened. And I think every one has stories of toilets over flowing.