Monday, September 28, 2009

We like em big, we like em chunky, we like and skinny? huh?

Well, we had Shawns 1 year the other day. Poor kid is the runt of the litter. 30th percent for his weight (21.4 pounds) and 45th for his height (29 inches). He did exceed expectations in the head department a whopping 90%! (that's no suprise!) He'll definetly be the smallest of the bunch. Marky's was the same day. He's 4'3" and 57 pounds. He is definetly the 95th % for everything. He stands a head taller then almost everyone in class, there is however a girl who shall remain nameless (Megan) who is just as tall, and who he giggles and blushes about when you ask him about her. :) We took some pictures last night on our walk, I'll post them when math homework is finished!

Love ya!


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  1. Thanks for coming to visit!! Millie now just continuously talks about going to visit you all at Christmas time. :) I just mailed off some clothes that were in our beach bag that I didn't clean out until you left. Oops! Hope you had a safe and quick trip home!