Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check Out My Mad Skills!

So, I needed a warm bunting for Shawn for the stroller as I have a crazy love of walking outside in the winter. make a long story short after 2 months of searching I was not willing to pay upside of 50 bucks for one.  So I took my hubby to the fabric store while waiting for a play we were early to in Centerville.  He picked out the polkadots!  Good job hun!  Anyway, I couldn't find a pattern to save my life so I got creative.  The outside fabric was prequilted and double layered, there is a layer of batting in the middle, and then the ultrafuzzy microflece on the inside.  My poor little hobby Pfaff couldn't take the pressure and I broke 2 needles, but all in all it turned out great!  I wanted the zipper up the middle for easy access!  I made it big enough he can use it again next year, and stuff an extra blanket in there for near zero temperatures.  What do ya think?

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