Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Carrot chunks, and other things you find in....

So, Shawn Sunday morning woke up throwing up. Here we go, I thought, but he felt better the rest of the day. Then that night he started crying and the diarrhea started. Yesterday he looked good again, then last night, blah. You get the picture. Anyway, Little Mark came up in the middle of the night and said he had to throw up. I jumped up and yelled, "In the Bathroom!" Knowing I don't have a carpet cleaner and Shawn's lovely display on the living room carpet yesterday was almost too much to handle. So he obediently went and let it go in the bathroom....sink. Yuck. Haley was gracious enough to do it in the bath tub. at least there I can wash it down the drain. Suspiciously carrot chunks are always there, though I can't remember feeding them any yesterday...hmm....yuck. I know, this is your favorite post right!

Well, now my minions are on their 3rd disney movie. Laying on a sheet, and blanket with a bowl in their own little area in the living room. I have a mind to roll up the rug for safety. Hmmm.... hopefully we'll survive the day. Love you all, go get some lunch!


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