Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on our carrot chunks...yuck...

So it's 7pm and I just laid down in bed. I can't even sit up anymore. Mark is off to a bishopric meeting and we probably won't see him until close to 10 tonight. the kids are all asleep, except for shawn that keeps yelling from time to time "it's hungry!" pointing to his mouth. Though, after our experience yesterday I have learned that feeding "it" creates messy problems. So, Pedialyte and crackers today, we'll try oatmeal and rice tomorrow and see how it goes from there. Haley and Mark stayed home from school and rested. After their initial episode this morning, however, they seem quite improved! They even begged for toast this afternoon and we had a small bowl of oatmeal for dinner. 7up all day today, and we'll try toast and eggs in the morning, if they keep that down for an hour I'll let them go to school tomorrow. I have done more laundry today then I ever cared to do. I also have scrubbed more surfaces then I care to remember. I am toast. Goodnight!


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