Monday, March 7, 2011

My Daddy

So, My dad's birthday was yesterday. I meant to have this post up by then, but I am a schmuck! Anyway, my daddy. He's the man. The end.


Just kidding.....he IS the MAN!!! But I should tell you why.

This is why....
.......Look at him, Joe Cool, loving his granddaughter...Bein' the coolest grandpa in the world....

And This....

He is the man because he is never anything different. He never pretends, or puts on another face. He is my dad, and you always know where you stand with him.

He's funny, hysterical, and always prides himself on making others feel wonderful.

He can go to the grocery store for toilet paper and come home 2 hours later with 5 new friends.

He will work his hiney off (literally, he has none left! ;) for someone in need. And doesn't think anything of it.

He wants everyone around him to be happy, and that makes him happy.

who else would marry a woman with 5 kids and have another, then adopt them all, support them all, sell his toys to support them all. And LOVE them all.

He's the man because my friends liked him more then me I think! heheheheh.......

He's the man because if you know him you know that.

Nuf Said.

Love you dada.


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