Friday, March 4, 2011

The Zoo, and Markys School Program

Markys 2nd Grade class had a program last night, all about out nations heroes and todays heroes. His part was the scout oath. He did great. He was also a very spirited singer, watch him closely, he turns into Ray Charles half way through!

Marky and His peeps...

And....this is what Shawn did the entire time...

And here's them singing, his Ray Charles Moment....I wish I could have gotten more, but Shawn wouldn't let me.

Earlier last week we went to the Zoo .... Watched the tractors, walked shawn...hehehe I know Mom's who put their kids on leashes are evil. And mom's who don't either have perfect kids, or have never had one like shawn!

Haley on the Rhino! Yehaw!

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