Thursday, January 15, 2015

Power of the People

I remember learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. as a child.  We watched a short video on his life.  Someone in the video shouted, "Power to the people!"  I remember wondering what that truly meant.

 Undeniably the young man that shouted it wanted the African American people to be endowed with the power that comes with freedom.  The power that comes from being allowed to be who you are.  I remember thinking that Dr. King had that power.  His speech, his presence and his education empowered him to move an entire nation.  He was truly a great man.

 I believe we all are endowed with power, however, when you combine many different people to one purpose, like Dr. King, it has the potential to multiply that power exponentially. So while we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King day this month (on the 19th), let's come together with not only each other, but with God.  With our power combined we are unstoppable.

Our Family Motto for the year was chosen by our children from a list of quotes my husband and I put together.  I believe giving our family a purpose every year endows us with the power and will to accomplish anything.  The motto they chose was perfect.

"As individuals we are strong, together with God we are unstoppable."

~Rosemary M. Wixom

Whatever your resolutions are this year, share them with God, he has a way of making things happen.  Review them every day, then have a good talk with Him at the end of the day, let him know your progress, your let downs, your struggles and triumphs.  Let Him guide your path and you cannot fail.

martin luther king jr

Then like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. go out and give a good word of encouragement to someone who is trying, a smile to everyone in passing, and a hand up to someone who has fallen or is failing.  Together we can do anything, with love.

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