Thursday, November 6, 2008


Shawn had his 2 month appointment. He weighed in at 14 pounds 10 oz!!! Chubby!! the doctor was suprised he is only breast feeding and still spitting up buckets. He is smiling and cooing now, i'll try to get a picture on the blog, as well as rolling over and his chubby body. The doctor was very suprised about all this and said he acts like a 4 month old baby. Haley thinks he's a doll and I have to keep a keen eye on her. At times she tries to roll him over, or pick him up. She loves to dust her hair in his face, which he doesn't seem to mind much. I could take lessons on patience from him I think. Mark has officially become 6. He's starting to pick on Haley in quiet little ways thinking he'll get away with it. Everytime I catch and scold him he goes to his room and comes back saying he's prayed and said he's sorry. (How can you stay mad at that!) I must admitt he's adorable! Well, another cold wet day for us! Hope yours is sunny and warm!


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  1. Just got the new link up for your blog! The Halloween picts are adorable and can't wait for Thanksgiving!