Monday, November 24, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser too! (Hopefully!)

Well, here we are, we finished the birthday run (we all have birthdays in September, October and November). One long party if you throw in Halloween and thanksgiving! We are all one year older, and hopefully wiser, we'll see! Shawn is almost 16 pounds now! And not yet 3 months old! We went ahead and bought a larger convertible car seat so he can face backwards until he's a year or 35 pounds! We're praying for Nana and her job, we hope she gets it! Let's see, what's been going on. ... Well, we have to replace the driveway and cap our front porch, fortunately Mark works for a cement company that will do it at cost and I have an uncle who has the equipment and graciously is willing to help us remove the driveway. Bad thing--we're removing it the day before thanksgiving! We'll lay down some boards for everyone to walk on until it's laid down. I have to transplant my roses and rip out our 8 foot shrubs to make room for the cement replacement. That will happen tomorrow I hope, we'll see how far I get! Haley is loving preschool and Mark is great in school. He came home and read his first book the other day, I almost cried! he loves books! He also loves choir and sings to me every day the Hawaiian Christmas song. We're excited for Thanksgiving and seeing nana and Amy and Scott and Jackson. We'll miss everyone else but we're hoping to see you soon! Now that I've rambled on at 10 at night, I'll bid you adieu!


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  1. I found you! That stinks so bad about your porch. Eventually Murphy will stop moving in. I promise.....