Saturday, March 28, 2009

8 years!

Happy Anniversary Mark! 8 Years! I remember when we were newlyweds, asking where you thought we'd be in 7 years, we said maybe 2 kids, out of college, a house....well at least we have a house! We have an extra kid and some more time to go to graduate! Overall I think we're doing pretty good.
Mark and I met in our singles ward in Washington, our first date was a late night showing of "Remember the Titans" Mark explained the entire movie while we watched. I thought it was cute. Some of our more memorable dates consisted of miniature golf with our friends, a trip to the temple, Mark cooking for me, and me attempting to bake for him (we had to throw the cookie sheet away I burned the cinnamon rolls so badly!). I brought him home 3 weeks later for Thanksgiving, he slept on the couch with my dog and endured it all very well I thought. This is when he told me he loved me! I was very surprise, and didn't know what to say. So I said what came to mind, unfortunately, I replied, "That's nice!" Boy, that's the line of the century. A few weeks later, after quiet contemplation, and great arguments with myself about how fast this was going I finally admitted that I loved him too. I had never seen that expression on his face, it was so wonderful. I saw it again when we were married, and three times more when our children were born.
Mark has always been a black and white guy, he can see the logic in things I fail to see. I love him for that. And for the fact that he has to finish something once he's started it. I love the way he get's down on the floor to play with the kids, and is very patient with me when I'm stubborn. Overall we've had a wonderful 8 years, I don't ever remember him raising his voice to me, or saying something to hurt me. This has been a great marriage! I know it will be wonderful in the future as well. I know this is sappy, and that is so not Mark, but what can I say? I love him, and I'm sappy! Love you Mark!


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