Monday, March 16, 2009

Yeah Spring!!

I love spring, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Checking to make sure scooters are not behind the car before you pull out. Kids get to play outside, and the house get's aired out daily. I'm going to start a new poll soon. The poll votes are in and you all think Shawn will be over 18 pounds. We'll see! his appointment is today, i'll update you later with a picture or video of him and his info.

Haley and Mark are changing right before my eyes. Walking back from downtown in Seaside I began to urge her forward faster. She asked me, "Why are we going so fast?" I replied that I had to use the restroom, to which she commented, 'Don't tell me! i'm not your mom!" That got me giggling. She's a sassy bundle of girl. Mark is getting older and realizing that he doesn't have to follow the rules, he has a choice. Unfortunatly he also is finding out the consequences of not following them. This too shall pass, i hope.

Comment and let us know how your families are doing!!!


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