Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shawn at 6 months

Shawn had his 6 month appointment yesterday. For you who voted over 18, congrats! He's 18 pounds 14 oz! A good size chunk! I asked the doctor about the no sleep thingy, she said to feed him well, and go ahead and let him cry, he's big enough he doesn't need to eat at night. Yesterday night I took the kids to see a dollar movie and we didn't get home until 10! WAAAYYY past their 7pm bedtime. So I fed shawn and put him to bed. He must have taken the threat seriously because he didn't wake up until 6am! I slept like a rock! What a marvelous thing to happen! We'll take it seriously if it happens tonight as well! Other then the sleeping thing he's as healthy as a horse and as large as a baby pony!

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  1. My question is - what baby does sleep through the night? Seriously, I think it's a myth. Mazeo is going to be 2 in May and I feel lucky when he only wakes up once.