Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Holy night...sort of.

Okay, so I was driving home from preschool drop off today and heard on holy night on the radio.  I had been thinking about our laundry problem (I haven't done any for 3 days!  Yikes!)  And came up with a fun song.  Haley likes it!
Sing to Oh Holy Night melody:

Oh Holy Cow!
The Laundry’s Piled Up SKY HIGH~
What happened? How did this get out of control?
Long is today, while we wash and dry and fold it.
We will be here, ‘til the su-n leaves the earth.
The thrill of hope, when we find a matching sock pair
The liquid soap … it's cascading down the side.
Fall ….on your knees.
To find….the lost quarter!
Oh There… a dollar!  
 Oh yeah….oh happy day!
Oh the Laundry is done!!!!  Oh, oh oh no, I missed a load.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Now record it and put it on you tube - you'll be a hit!