Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daddy Mark

Here's the info! Mark received his corizone epidural in his C7 disc at the base of his neck. It is a pretty severe bulge. We're hoping it works. He called the doctor yesterday because his scalp was itching and he had shooting pains down his arm and in his eye. That was one of the warning signs of the shot. The doctor had him come in yesterday. He examined him and put him on a different medication for the pain. Unfortunately it's a narcotic. He's going to only take it at night so he can sleep. The doctor thinks that the pains in his arm and his scalp and eye are from his Shingles last year. He said the pain returned because of the manipulation of the nerves in his spine. Hopefully it'll go away without the spots appearing. To get shingles on top of all this would be a nightmare. Anyway, the doctor is hoping he'll feel better in 2 weeks. He's now in physical therapy to help his movement and muscle memory. He's protected that side of his body for so long now that his muscles arn't willing to relax. It's nice to know what is causing all this pain. It's also nice to know his MRI is clear, and the doctor is confident that his residual symptoms are due to the shingles and not MS. Good, and sad news. These next 2 weeks will tell us if we need surgery to fuse those two spine together and take out the disc. Pray!!!

love ya



  1. Yikes - this sounds horrible! I would think narcotics a necessity when lying down with that.

  2. It has to be comforting to at least have some answers... These things often happen to the best of folks, which is clearly true in this case. Get well! Let us know how we can help.