Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day! Yeah!

Is it me, or is the first day of Kindergarten harder on the parents then the kids? Haley has Mrs. Strawn, she is very sweet. She put her backpack away and went right to her name tag on her desk and was as happy as a clam! Yeah!

Of course we had to have pictures before everyone left! Shawn grabbed a toy backpack and lined up to, not to be outdone by everyone!

Here is Haley in her "school dress" as she calls it! I'm so glad it fits still! It was what she wore last winter too!

Mark is very studdly in his outfit, I told him that and he turned bright red! He wouldn't smile because the sun was in his eyes!

Ahh, here they are in their natural poses, with a stink eye and clothes jumbled! Just how we do it. They had a great first day! Hopefully it continues!

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