Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Training Day 1

So, because my son is prone to diaper rashes that rival leprosy, or because he has gone on the potty from time to time before and tells me when he needs to be changed, I have decided to potty train him this week. Call me nuts, call me crazy, call me shirley. Either way, here we are. Armed with several full sippy cups I derobe him and let him roam, "free range" about the house. I followed him like a hawk, asking if he needed to go. Running him into the bathroom every 10 minutes. After 3 sippy cups of fluid I'm nervous, he's cranky, and we're both ready to put the diaper back on before his little bladder explodes!

I decide to change my tactics! Always surprise the enemy right? Shawn loves Thomas the Train. So here we are, in the bathroom with the little DVD player and Thomas chugging away, hoping that if he sits there long enough he'll explode in the toilet, and not the carpet. Well, now he's screaming on the, as a last resort I pull out the mini marshmallows, I promised myself I wouldn't do it! I made myself a vow that I would reward with food. But here they are and my son is peeing in the toilet...what can I was always a good motivator for me...look where I am (15 lbs overweight!)

Who knew they made toddlers smarter then you now? Shawn has figured out that he only get's 1 mini marshmallow when he goes. So what does he do? Bladder control of steel....he goes one tiny little stream and gets one, then when he's done with that one goes one tiny little stream again and asks for another. Give me an hour and we'll have gone through a whole bag! Mommy can counter that! Now I insist on twice before the marshmallows come out.

Wish me luck! I'm going to need it. Pretty soon he'll get tired of marshmallows and this little game and Thomas and then I'll be in trouble!

Love ya all, from the trenches....


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