Friday, August 6, 2010

Please Excuse my toddlers profanity...

So, Shawn was sitting in the kitchen with me the other day and looked me square in the eye as I was washing dishes and let it fly..."mama, #@!%" I nearly wet my pants! Shocked I just stared at him, probably thinking I was insaine he repeated himself. "mama want &%$#" I'm sure he was starring at me thinking, Mama, why are you so pale? Realizing he couldn't mean what he was saying I picked up a small truck toy, "Truck?" I asked? Anyone who has children knows the look I saw. The, "you obviously have no idea what I want" look. "No Truck!" He answered. "Book?" I tried. "NO NO BOOK! %$#@!" Now, the word he was using can't be said in polite company and rhymes with Truck. Having NO IDEA what he wants I tried to change the subject. "Let's go swing!" That did it. He forgot. Good.

Next we're at the grocery store later another day. Serenely shopping with ease, rrriiiiggghhht... Okay shopping with ease as much as you can with 3 children who are all running, fighting, talking and screaming. I must say, I savor shopping alone. but it doesn't last long, soon I am running home wondering why I left my children behind. No today, today I wish I had left them! There he goes again, "Mama want @!!#" huh? "MAMA WANT $#@!" Then, exasperated he starts screaming the 4 letter bomb over and over and over again as I run through the store wondering what I had come for in the first place. Women all over we're giggling or scowling, men outright laughing. Shamed and scorned I left the cart and took them all home. Now I'm exasperated, exhausted and ready to put my feet up. So we put on a movie. "PLEECEE and #@!$, YEAH!" I look at the case in my hands, The Princess and the FROG! Frog, who knew.



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  1. Ha ha, that is a classic! Niva picked up one and used it correctly every time with proper inflection. So we played dumb, "What? what does that mean, what are you saying?".