Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's been a while...

So, here's why...

mark's father, David, came out from Missouri for a week to help us start our basement remodel. We worked like dogs for an entire week, up early, up late....we ran into problems and still we succeeded. We managed to almost completely finish the bedroom to the sanding down of the drywall phase....and the bathroom needs a little more drywall work, and i have to pour the cement shower basin, but it shouldn't take too long...as long as I get down there to do it!

Halloween, what happened?! I don't know...you tell me!!! We we're up early and worked straight until trick or treating time. The kids, in thrown together costumes went to Grandma's Party, thanks to Sara and then trick or treated in Curtis and Mary's neighborhood. It rained, but not too much...they seemed to have fun...it's all a blur. Then we came home, put them to bed, and fixed a major plumbing problem until about midnight. We don't know much about electrical and plumbing...and very little about mudding and taping so we tried to get as much done as we could before David had to leave. I hope he recovers well...he worked so hard!

When I have a little more time I'll post pictures of Mark's baptism...halloween...and a few other things!

luv ya


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