Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

Yes, this is the play our Ward put on for the christmas party. The abbreviated version lasted almost over an hour! Little Marky was the main boy, Charlie and Haley was a baby angel. I was a gossipy woman on the phone and Daddy was a fireman. It was a hoot. We did get a video of it, we're working on moving it to a cd so I can post parts of it. It's too long to post the whole thing! Anywhoo, we forgot half the lines but if you remember the real play it doesn't matter. It all managed to look great in the end. My job was to get the kids on and off the stage and shuffle them where they needed to be, whisper an occasional line, and help dress the baby angels. We also we're slated to decorate a table with our christmas dishes. It was a completely full house and we even had chairs lining the walls. Haley remembered her lines and was adorable, Marky remembered his lines and even tripped for emphasis (not in the play, but it looked good!) Daddy was hysterical and when it was all over and we we're cleaning up I think Marky and his friend Kobe stayed in character. They we're teasing each other and Marky got angry and they started a fist fight in the foyer. Needless to say I was astounded, there we're a few people mulling around the halls cleaning (Including the bishopric) and I, not thinking, screamed at them to stop all the way down the hall of the church across all these people. This lead them all to laugh and titter at me. What other option did I have, here was my usually calm baby punching another boy in the church! Both boys we're scolded and Marky was severely grounded. His dad now plans a Father Son outing so they can discuss violence. And here I sit, feeling like the worst mother ever. Oh well, now we have to move!

love ya


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