Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moving Forward? or Backwards?

Marky is 8 years old. I feel he is bright. He can work computers, cell phones, and DVD players. He can work my HDTV better then I can. I kept my old VCR and tapes because most of them the kids would enjoy. I asked him to put a video in and he couldn't figure it out. Does that make me outdated? I've shown him 4 times how to do it...still no dice.

We also lost our pencil sharpener and he insisted he couldn't do his homework. I admit this may have been a very opportune excuse. When I showed him how to use a knife to sharpen the pencil, and then explained that only adults can use knives he was astounded. Haley, the other day, said she couldn't play outside because there were no toys...when I was young you went outside to find toys (sticks, fairy houses in the trees, etc. )

What does this say about us today? We buy things, do things, to entertain our children, to teach them. But are we really giving them the opportunity to learn? Are they learning HOW to learn? Where have all the McGuivers gone?

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