Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heaven's Watching

So, my posts are usually humorous moments from the day. Today is serious. I want to share with you my personal miracle straight from heaven.

Today I had to deliver invitations to every primary child s house for our party on Saturday. I stuck Shawn in the jogging stroller and set out. The other kids we're in school. A few houses in our ward are on Antelope Drive. If any of you are familiar with this, you know the road is 4 lanes and VERY busy!!! Well, I hate going out there, and was hurrying to be done faster. Mistake number 1. I jogged to the final house and parked Shawn in the drive way. Setting the brake on the stroller I jogged to the front door to the house. I heard a car honking. I turned around to see what was wrong and my heart fell through the floor. Shawn, strapped in his stroller, had rolled out into traffic. I don't know exactly what happened, but what I saw was him parked in the road, against the curb. An angel of a woman had parked her car behind him to shield him from traffic. I screamed, ran, and ripped the stroller out of traffic. She rolled down her window and I thanked her profusely and cried. I'm still crying. I go over it again and again, I don't know what happened, but I will never trust my brake again. Feelings of inadequacy in motherhood, guilt for rushing instead of taking time to really think things through, and every other thought of what if.....what if he had been hit!!! It washed over me, and still does.

I don't know the details of what happened, but I do know what really happened. The Lord saw my rush, and lack of brains at the moment and sent an angel to protect my baby in my moment of chaos. I thank him over and over. Every way I look at it he should have been hit. He is here by the grace of the Lord, and I will always remember that.

So remember, when your rushing and under stress. Take a moment to breath and really think. One small mistake can mean the world. And the Lord is always watching. To teach you. To help you. To Love you. Even if you make a big mistake.

Love you all.


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  1. I had a moment like this in the store today...distracted I thought Chloe was where I saw her last, near me. Then people in line behind me at the register all talking and asking who the little girl in the purple sweater was walking around aimlessly. Finally I "came to" and realized they were talking about my little girl. Not as scary as out in the road but just goes to show how fast they can disappear. Love and hugs to you!