Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A good storm

I don't know what it is about anticipating a storm. Ever since I was little, the wind would pick up and my excitement grew. Now, sitting in my window seat watching the wind whip the leaves left over from last fall around, the birds flee the clouds that are moving in. I want nothing more then a cup of cocoa, a good book, and a blanket. I promised the kids a trip to the Library after school, we'll return the 40 books we checked out for 40 more, snuggle on the couch and read this afternoon.

I hope Marky never grows out of snuggling on the couch, he's grown up a lot in the past few months. Made some very good decisions however. So I must brag a little. While I can.

A few days ago he begged me to go over to a neighbors house with his friend. I know the family, they're a good family. I wasn't impressed with the plethora of boys that would be joining him, all 3 years older. But something in me told me to let him go. So I did. I gave him the rules, the mom had to be home, no video games rated T or M. And all the danger signs, etc. Until he said, "Okay Mom! I get it! I'm not dumb." Boy, he's growing up to fast. Well, I waited anxiously for his return. It was short lived. He was home in 15 minutes with his friend from next door. They played here for a while, and then we had dinner. After dinner I pulled him aside and asked why he hadn't stayed very long, (he always opens up better in a private conversation, and not while others are listening), he told me that their mom wasn't home, and they we're playing violent video games. And he just didn't feel good about it. So he left. Andrew came with him, I love that kid.

So here I am, one proud mama. With one Amazing son. Waiting for another storm, sitting in a window seat. Watching the clouds blow by.


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