Tuesday, February 8, 2011


January was interesting, fun, crazy, gross, and cold....

The End.

Just kidding! We had parent teacher conferences, this was the letter Marky wrote me. His teacher had to keep a copy, she said it was too cute. If you can't see it here it is:

Hi Mom,

I'm having a good time at school. I love you. I am working on my goals a lot mom when I get home can I buy a new Lego Xbox game please. If you love me you will if you don't love me you wont.


Boy, I love that kid. Our next family home evening was on manipulation. heheheheeh....
Here is our house tent. It fit's over the kitchen table. the kids love it. I love that it can fold up and sit in a small corner of the closet when we're done.

In Shawn's attempt to trump the baby I watch he climbed up on the counter and sat in the bumbo baby chair. Notice the bowl of fishy crackers on the counter next to him, he's perfectly content.
Haley drew me a whole bunch of pictures one day and taped them all over the livingroom walls. My new Artwork stayed up for a long time, until Shawn tore it down. I love a good redecoration every once in a while!

Here is Shawn's favorite activity. Waiting for the Garbage truck. On Garbage day he wakes up early and sits on the chair in the livingroom waiting for the garbage truck, usually about an hour and a half.

He's obsessed

With garbage trucks,

Should I encourage it......Who knows?

Have a great day!



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