Friday, April 8, 2011

The Grand Experiment!

So, I've been reading this book...I know...Dangerous, right?!

Anyway, I need to get my Hashimoto's under control (thyroid disease) I still feel awful, even though my test results are in the normal range. As well as having numerous other unexplainable problems. So I've decided my well being, health, and life are my own. And no amount of chocolate cake is going to keep me from feeling awful!!! If people can give up drinking, I can give up Dairy and gluten!!! Why? Because of numerous scientific reasons I won't bore you with now.

FYI Gluten is found in numerous foods containing wheat, and other grains. Don't worry! There are grains without gluten in them...I won't go completely veggie!

don't worry, I won't ask anyone to modify their meals for me when we are there! I can bring my own.

So, I've been off gluten and dairy for a few days now, and I must say, I've never gone this long without being swollen, and having joint pain! I've ordered a gluten free cook book, and decided I will be making 2 meals for my family, one for me, and one for them. It's more work. But gluten free is quite expensive to make in bulk. Also, in lieu of the price of certain flours I can have...rice...bean, etc. I have decided to put my hand crank mill into use! I won't be using them on a large basis, as I will cook normally for my family, so it won't require too much! I have brown rice, and beans, and a mill already! It's my grand experiment, and according to this book by a doctor that has studied my autoimmune disease for decades, it should help.

Not only with my inflammation, but my weight! There arn't a lot of grab and go treats for the gluten/dairy free! Lots of fresh veggies for me!

I'm giving myself until Christmas, if I don't feel a whole lot better I'll give it up, and search for a new solution.

But I must say, 4 days into it....I feel great.

Here's hoping it works!



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