Friday, April 29, 2011

Allergy Free Friday--Websites!

For all you not interested in the Allergy Free Friday....I do have other posts, coming soon!


Where do I get my info? Recipes? Incentive? Motivation?

In no particular order here it goes....

Motivation. You know gluten and milk have an adverse effect on you, but its soooo goood!!!!! How can you give up cake? Bread? Grandma's rolls? How can you give up milk chocolate? Things you've enjoyed and craved forever? Well, first things first. You need to understand why...educate yourself! I read the book "Why am I still having thyroid symptoms when my test results are normal" ...say that 10 times fast! I am not yet done with the book, but I really identified with the symptoms that we're described.

Second...evaluate your condition of living. I had constant irritable bowl, gas (I know, TMI), and anxiety levels that shot up especially after dark. I realized that my "manic moments" as I called them we're not only my problem, but became my families as well. I was hardly ever calm, and did not have the ability to let things go. More then anything, I was constantly having bowl issues. I came to realize that I was not happy with the way I was living. I was longing to be able to have energy every day, anxiety levels drop, and my family relax around me.

Third...look to the future...this goes hand in hand with education. You need to understand what will happen to your body if your condition goes unchecked. What will happen in 5 years...10...down the road. What does it leave you open to? Mine was thyroid cancer, a very real possibility if I left my antibody levels unchecked. And Gluten hyper stimulates your mimicking thyroid. This would leave small holes in my gut...making my body attack small food particles that would get into my blood stream and creating allergies. I really wanted to avoid the onset of more allergies. And get the ones I have under control.

Finally....this has to be a decision you make. No one can make it for you. You have to need to feel better, as much as you need to talk to the Lord. I decided if my body was a temple, I wouldn't fill the temple with things that would hurt it, so I can't fill my body with things that will hurt it. I have had set backs...everyone does...but it doesn't discourage me, it teaches me about my self control.

So, back to the websites! Here are a few I have loved! ~ Great site!! Coupons, you can order gluten free cake mixes, bisquick, and flours. Lots of support and education included! ~ Recipes galore! They have a whole gluten free section!

Here's a link to a list of the top 10 Gluten Free Blogs! Great info, wonderful tested recipes!


Cooking for Isaiah -- great down to earth, you'll use ever day recipes!

Now, go and do! It'll help you feel better!

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