Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oscarson Weekly (we hope) First Edition!

Here is the first edition of our newsletter.

Announcing Crazy Hat Day!
-by Marky Oscarson

It's crazy hat day tomorrow! Find a crazy or silly hat. Look far and low, look high and slow! Today is also a build-a-thon! Build anything out of anything! It is taking place down stairs at 3:44 pm. Take anything you can build with.

Haley's Crazy Hat

For crazy hat day I would like to wear a hat to school that is purple with a bow on the top! And a flower on the top!

Shawn's crazy corner

I like garbage trucks, and robots. But mostly robots. Yeah. marshmallows....

Family Highlights

Yes, the kids are excited for crazy hat day tomorrow, no doubt our afternoon will be spent making hats! Marky has the soccer drafts today, I don't know what that makes me nervous, I don't like a draft system when he is so young. Dad is working hard, it's the beginning of the busy season and he's hired 2 guys that he needs to train on top of that. But I know he'll do great, he always does. I'm in the process of planning my garden. My ideas are grandiose, but I know my energy will not be so I'm going to try and scale it back a bit. I'm going to be planting flowers along side my vegetables to deter the bugs, marigolds especially. It worked beautifully 2 years ago, and was pretty to boot! Well, I know this was a sad first edition of our newsletter, but hopefully we can get better with time!

love ya,


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