Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter! We've had a crazy week! But it was all forgotten Saturday. I think my kids finally understand Easter. They knew it had something to do with Jesus, Mark knew it was the atonement. But until yesterday I didn't know if they really understood. We always have an Easter Family Home Evening/Morning/whatever time of day it is. Anyway, we learn and dive into the scriptures about easter, the resurrection, and what it means. We give them baskets with a little candy, but it's not from the easter bunny, it's a celebration, like a re-birthday party. For our FHE/M/W we watched A Special Witness of Jesus Christ. a BEAUTIFUL video done by the first presidency with President Hinckley. They each bear their apostolic witness of Christ, and his ministry, life, birth and death, and resurrection. We watched Elder Hollands witness then President Hinckleys witness of his resurrection both took place in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Tomb. We read our scriptures on the resurrection and little Marky had tears in his eyes. All those Family Home Evenings, and nightly scripture readings are paying off! He understands! What an ah-ha moment! Now if we can only get Haley to hold still long enough to understand as well! Maybe next year! Happy Easter! Go out and do something better!



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