Thursday, April 1, 2010

All by myself....

So yesterday I attended the General Primary Board Axillary training in Salt Lake. I have been to these before as the chorister, so I knew what was happening. I didn't think I was going to have time to go, but Kathy volunteered to babysit for me and it all worked out. I parked under the new Deseret Book building, nice building! When I got to the training there were few seats left. In fact the only one I found was on the front row! Yikes! So, all by myself, I moseyed on down to the front row and plopped myself down next to a very nice lady who had driven in from Boise! What a drive in the snow! Did I mention it was snowing! There are 2 benefits of the front row, One: I didn't wear my glasses, so I can see! Two: I was able to meet the General Relief Society Presidency! They are beautiful, talented, and the spirit shines from them. Overall the training was wonderful, it answered a lot of questions I had. The spirit was strong and the idea's were wonderful. yes, wonderful twice, and now a third time.



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