Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoot! And other bad words....

I want you all to know that I am trying really hard to hold it together enough to post this. I had really good intentions today. Scrubbed down my living room, reorganized the furniture so it was less cluttered feeling. Then off to the bank, the library, screaming fit (shawn, not I) and to the dreaded grocery store. Manacotti for dinner, yum. We get the ricotta cheese, the produce, some banana's before Shawn's head explodes, and last, but not least, the shells. Very bottom shelf. So, I bend over, as I have millions of times before, while trying to remember what I forgot to put on my list and Shawn screaming at the top of his lungs to be let out of the metal contraption on wheels when *THWANG!!!* "Shoot!" I exclaim, the 4 year old down the isle says, "That's a bad word mama, huh!" Yes, a bad word, not the first that came to mind unfortunately. My 10 year old over the shoulder boulder holder finally bit the dust. And it's a beautiful day so I'm wearing a t-shirt. So not only did it bite the dust, it did so in an unsightly manner and came shooting halfway out my sleeve! So, I stuff it back inside and proceed to thank heaven, I have nothing that really needs detainment! So, I pick up Shawn to hide my misfortune and rush to check out. 10 minutes I'm out the door throwing the groceries in the car. Darn! I forgot to pay for a broom. I jump in the car long enough to extract the remnants of my dignity, not knowing why I was suddenly thrust into the feminist movement, grabbing the broom and my screaming toddler I run back into the store. Self Check out isles are wonderful. 5 seconds I'm checked out, and broom in hand I fly home. No pun intended. What a day! Hope this gives you a good laugh!


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