Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Okay, I have to post this!

So, Marky came walking in the door after school and asked me if I knew what nature was. So I took the bait, "What is nature?"
Marky: "You know, Mother Nature!"
Mom: "Oh....hmm..."
Marky: "Can I tell you a secret?"
Mom: "Yeah, sure, go ahead."
Marky: "I'm a fairy."
Mom: "A fairy eh?"
Marky: "Seriously!"
Mom: "Seriously?"
Marky:"Yeah, Kobe is too, he controls the weather, but he never tells me what it's going to be! It's so crazy! By the way, these are my special rocks to call other fairies with."
Mom: "Let's keep this a secret from dad -k-"
Marky: "Yeah, he wouldn't understand and want me to use my fairy power. Seriously!"

By this time I'm really trying HARD to hold it together. He's serious! Oh, I love my kids!


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  1. That is so cute... I love how kids have their own incredible words that they live in.