Monday, May 10, 2010


Yes, I love may!  The flowers bloom, the trees leaf, and we get dirty!  Here's some pic's of us gardening.  I can't say us, as I am not in any of them, but that is, alas, because someone has to take the pictures for posterity!
This is before....not much different then after except more mulch and some more flowers.

this is the man of the hour! 8 hours of hard labor, I love the dirty man!

Here's Haley swinging, she had to have this picture she said.

This is her helping with the much!  (hehehe)

Here's the cutest little guy ever!  Helping out with the gardening!

Dirty Little Man!

Marky the much boy!

Here's how our garden grows...Onions!

Lettuce sprouts!  Look at that pesky weed in the bottom right corner!  

And there's lots more, but I didn't get pictures of it!  Ha!  I'll send you some more later!  I've got to clean this place up for our trip!  



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  1. Lots of fun, it looks great! At least you have some green lettuce sprouts, mine are still cold and a bit purple.