Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures of Jamies wedding, and more info on Jodi's graduation...etc....

Look how beautiful she is!!!  I've always been so jealous!

This is funny!  We'd been teasing her all weekend about how when she was little she would grill us before we went anywhere to find out if there was a volcano near bye!  She was always afraid of volcanoes!  And here, in her bridal room was a picture of an exploding volcano!
She is so beautiful!

Here are all the sisters!

Beautiful Jamie!

Here's the wedding party and grandparents!

Look at this cool house!  Jamie and Alans house used to be a church in the 1800's.  It's so cool!

Jamie and Jodi, we don't alike at all!

Okay, Jodi's graduation...It was fabulous!  They announced her as "A bachelors in social work, All American Track and Field, (and could go on, All American weight lifting champion, etc. etc.  etc.  )  Jodi Symonds!"  Yeah!  We were all so excited for her!  She's coming to live with me!  Ha!  I get to make everyone jealous!  We're so excited!  More updates on Trisha's wedding TBA. 

Love ya


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  1. Very sweet sister picture, and I love her hubby's beard. Which is weird cause I am not usually a fan of beards. Looking forward to Trisha's!