Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Joe!

I know, I know, another news story...I'll write more later when I'm not frantically trying to get the Primary to run right, clean out my storage room, potty train a little terrible two and do homework with my kids. I know what your thinking...NEVER then....It'll happen! Don't worry.

This story is great, I'm so proud! Go Joe!

Police chase Warrenton man through Astoria yards

The Daily Astorian

A Warrenton man led police on a foot race through Astoria yards Sunday afternoon.

At one point, Nicholaus Allen Lindermyer, 26, had two Astoria police officers and one retired LAPD officer chasing him as he raced up Grand Avenue near 34th Street. An Oregon State Police trooper also joined the hunt.

Lindermyer was arrested for eluding a police officer, second-degree criminal trespass and first-degree burglary. He also had two warrants out for his arrest on original charges of obstructing police and first-degree burglary.

Astoria police had initially gone to stop Lindermyer as he drove northbound on 33rd Street. He was driving over the speed limit in a residential area and police also noticed he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. When Astoria Police Officer Joe Symonds turned around to stop Lindermyer, the man made a hard turn onto Franklin Ave.

Symonds followed and arrived just in time to see Lindermyer run from the car.

On Grand Avenue, a retired LAPD officer, Keith Butenshon, was walking his dog in his yard when he saw Lindermyer near his garage. Symonds yelled out that Lindermyer was under arrest and the retired officer entered into the chase.

Lindermyer was eventually found hiding in the basement of a residence on Harrison Avenue. Police charged him with first-degree burglary because he entered the basement without permission and had no right to be there, said Astoria Assistant Chief of Police Alan Oja

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