Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's post is entitled, "How to tell if he's a runt." Otherwise entitled, "He's how short?!"

I have always wanted a small baby. That, I believe, is the wish of every mother who has babies 8.5-10 pounds. We just want one little one. Shawn was 8lb 13oz, not small at birth, but that was the culmination of his hugeness. He just decided he was going to slow down, and not get any bigger. So, in a way, I received my wish. His 2 year appointment yesterday revealed the one pound he gained last year. ONE POUND. That's it. I looked at the doctor and asked, "Is that normal?" She showed me his chart that revealed he is still growing, last year he was in the 40th percentile, now he's in the 30th. When I told Mark his reply was, "How do we fix that?" I don't know. Daddy was smaller in his childhood, so I assume he just takes after his father. Huge change after my Ginormous older children, who we're all off the charts the other direction. Well, runty shawn, we Love you...and your smallness.
Last night, Marky chose to go to Boondocks for his birthday instead of having a friend party. There is go-karts, mini golf, arcade games, bumper boats, and many many more things to do. Because it was his birthday I had a coupon to get him in for free, even better! (sign up for their birthday club online!) I think he had a great time. Half way through, after the go-karts, he jumped up and down screaming, "This is the best birthday ever!" What a cute kid.

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